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We're alway busy working on our client's projects, but when we get a chance we write our thoughts and ideas here :)

New Codeighteen Branding

New Codeighteen Brand

Our new logo and brand is now complete. The design was courtesy of De:strukt studio, so a massive thank you to Rico for all his help with it. We gave them the task of something simple, clean and that encompasses web development, and we really think that’s what they’ve delivered. We’ve now got the fun process of […]

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WordPress Website Screenshot

iCafe Website now live

We developed the new iCafe website for our clients De:strukt Studio, and we’re happy to announce that the site is now live. The site is built on WordPress, allowing the iCafe team to do their own updates and communicate directly with their customer base. For the site, we’ve implemented a parallax style, which produces some nice […]

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